XI-Gaming was founded in Copenhagen in the spring of 2013, by a group of hard working and dedicated people.

Our goal is to grow and develop the next generation of e-Sport athletes. The idea of a new dominating Danish e-Sport organisation soon became the main reason for our motivation.

The increasing participation in online multiplayer games is providing a very interesting market for esports organisations like XI-Gaming. While the competition is not sleeping, XI-Gaming believe to have great chances of success as their founders bring great passion, valuable experience and outstanding management skills with them.

XI is the roman number for 11 which refers to the numerology around the number and mystery of events that links them together in history. Our logo refers to a version of the Roman XI legion helmet.

The Roman Legio XI were also named the Loyal & Faithful, which matches the concept of our XI spirit, goals, mission & vision.

Souce: http://www.livius.org/articles/legion/legio-xi-claudia/



We wanna build the future stars of Danish esport athletes. Which we're gonna do with hard work, analysts and coaches. Making the vision possible.

Taking the rough stone and making it a beautiful diamond, is what drives the thrill.


Within' the esport sector, XI wanna be the clear choice for danish talents to develop. We wanna be the biggest & best talent maker in Denmark.

Teaching our players/talents how to behave and control preassure.


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december, 2018

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Kinguin - CS:GO Skins 160x600