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Counter-Strike is a reality | XI-Gaming

Counter-Strike is a reality

Counter-Strike is a reality

Counter-Strike is a reality

When we first launched XI-Gaming almost two years ago, we knew that in due time, we would house a Counter-Strike team. At long last, we can finally announce our very first CS:GO squad!


The team conists of five very passionate players, a long with an equally passionate team manager. These people have proven to be very determined and goal oriented. They will not give up, untill they reach their goals!

The future does look very bright indeed, and we can’t wait for our newest member of the family, to take on whoever may stand in their way. We took a moment to ask Sebastian and Søren what they thought about joining XI-Gaming.


What do you expect from this merger?

Sebastian (Team manager): I expect that working with XI-Gaming, I can draw on the experience from which the organization have acquired within eSport and team-management.

XI-Gaming is already established on the eSport scene and thus have more experience than we have. It gives us a feeling of insurance – that we are in good hands, and it motivates us greatly. I also expect that working together with XI, I will be able to improve my role as team-manager and guide the players in the right direction – that we can create the best possible environment, so that the players can reach their fullest potential. 

The talent has always been there, and I believe that through experience, guidance and cooperation, that this talent can be achieved and raise to a whole new level, inside and outside of the game.


What do you see of opportunities on the Danish eSport-scene?

Sebastian (Team manager): In the long run, there are good opportunities for us. We are currently finding our foothold on the Danish scene. We will be participating in as many tournaments that is relevant for us, being it online or offline. Our focus are NPF and Copenhagen Games as the biggest events on Danish soil.

Our dreams is to compete at the top of the Danish scene. This is also one of our main goals – we don’t lack ambition! However, we also know that it will be no easy task, and it will takes some time before we reach our goal. But, we are determined to work for it, and that is what we will do!



What do you stand to gain, now that you are playing for an organization as XI-Gaming?

Søren (Team captain): We hope that the fact that we are in an organization will help us evolve as players. The basic idea is that we can focus 100% on training, gaming and evolve as players, all the while the organization along with our manager will focus on the work that goes on behind the scene.

We hope that the organization can help us with its experience and its network – which we hope to draw benefit from. In the long run it might be beneficial with a coach to help us evolve further. We already feel strengthened as players as well as a team since joining the organization, it all seems much more goal oriented and professional. It’s been a major mood boost and we’re more happy as well as excited for this project that ever before. The fact that the organization is already part of an established community with eSport-driven people is exclusively positive for us. We hope to be well accepted and we hope that the unity of the organization almost the different teams cross games will help strengthen our conception and attitude all together, person and team alike.


What are your ambitions?

Søren (Team captain): Our ambitions are simple – “the sky is the limit”. We wish to be among the best. But first our goal is to establish ourselves on the Danish eSport scene, which we hopefully later can use as a steppingstone to an even bigger scene outside of Denmark. The Danish scene is however our immediate dream and we’re ready to give it our all to live out that dream.


Keep an eye out for our Facebook and website, as we will announce the tournaments they will participate in!


The team consist of the following:

Søren ‘zibron‘ Geertsen

Martin ‘Rosendahl‘ Rosendahl

Simon ‘hsper Andersen

Nikolaj ‘Kramer Kramer

Martin ‘ZOILLK Sørensen

Sebastian ‘Flip‘ Stampe (Team manager)

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