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Icysoulz – From the Rift to the Inn | XI-Gaming

Icysoulz – From the Rift to the Inn

Icysoulz – From the Rift to the Inn

Icysoulz – From the Rift to the Inn

We recently announced the return of Icesoulz to XI-Gaming. Although playing a different game, he still shows the passion and dedications required to be a champion. Now, playing with new teammates, we asked him how he felt about his team, his transition from LoL to Hearthstone, and what the future holds for him.


Hi Icy, and welcome back to XI-Gaming. This time around, you are a part of our Hearthstone division. What made you make the transition from League of Legends to Hearthstone?

Thank you. After a few years on the Danish LoL-scene where I played for teams like XI, I’ve had had some decent placements in tournaments, going as far as top 3 in many of them, and I feel I’ve gotten to the point where I have accomplished what I wanted in that game. Hearthstone has always been a game I have been spending time on while I was waiting to join a game in LoL. In the end, the passion for Hearthstone just took over.

The people in XI are thrilled to have you with us again, joining our Hearthstone division, which is currently housing three other players – do you know any of them, and what is your relationship to them?

I have been talking with Prior and Paten leading up to me joining XI-Gaming. During NPF #15, I talked a bit with the entirety of XI, and especially with Prior. However, it was not until the last Gaming.dk’s tournament I really started talking with Prior.

I have recently been introduced to Nightgarden, and they all seem like a great bunch of people.

With a fantastic show at Gaming.dk’s tournament, the next big event is Copenhagen Games – how do you see your chances?

Why, thank you. To be honest, I have no idea how we will perform. All I know is that the team and I will do everything we can to be as prepared as humanly possible, and hopefully be able to play for a medal.

Medal or not, this will be your first event with your new teammates. If you were to list XI.HS in a top4, what would it look like?

I feel like Nightgarden’s passion for the game place him at the top, followed by Paten and I side by side. I would describe Prior as a strong underdog, as he has been very busy lately, which makes it difficult judging his skill level.

We are looking forward to see how your top4 will perform. XI will also have their FIFA and LoL division attending CPH Games – how do you feel being a part of an organisation with several game titles?

I’m feeling quite alright with it. In this case, the LoL team is my old sister-team from our previous organisation. I still talk with the guys, and I think they will do just fine at Copenhagen Games. I have my fingers crossed and hope they will succeed and do well, just as I did a year ago!

In addition, I hope to learn a trick or two from our FIFA players so I can school my mates the next time they want to challenge me!

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, but before I let you go, I have an extra question for you. If all of XI.HS were single and decided to go out for the night, who would be the one to score the most (besides yourself, of course)?

The word is that Prior is using a lot of time on Tinder, so I would have to go with him. He probably learned a lot of tricks using that app.


Welcome back to the XI-familiy, Icy, you have been missed. The last word is yours.

Once again, I want to thank you for this opportunity. I am very grateful to be a part of the family again. I’m really looking forward to my time under the XI banner!


We expect good things from our Hearthstone division – and so should you! Copenhagen Games will be our next big offline event, but keep an eye out for our Facebook page, where we announce whenever they play in online cups, when they release new guides or even streaming.

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